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  • Image of Ecclesians 63 - Novelty Souvenir Pennant
  • Image of Ecclesians 63 - Novelty Souvenir Pennant

Ecclesians 63 - Novelty Souvenir Pennant

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Originally designed for athletic teams, from high school to college to professionals, virtually every team had their colors and mascot emblazoned in felt. Over time, pennants became such a part of the national tradition in the US that everyone wanted to have one of their own, and with the rise of roadside attractions in the mid-twentieth century, souvenir pennants became a hit.

This particular Novelty Souvenir Pennant features a vintage chainstitched Chenille 'Ecclesians 63' Patch, with custom chainstitching done by me on a Japanese milled felt wool pennant.

This piece is a one-off and will not be reproduced again in the future.


- Vintage 'Ecclesians 63' chenille chainstitched patch

- Japanese Milled Felted Wool

- Custom Chainstitch lettering

Please understand that these are handmade by one person from start to finish and small differences in construction are to be celebrated